Monday, February 06, 2006

What Happens When Terror Jokes Bomb?

Omar Marzouk, a Danish comedian… says terror humor has receptive audiences in unlikely places. He said he was greeted with hysterical cackles when, in recent shows in Israel and Britain, he suggested that the West recruit Muslims to prevent terrorist attacks by having them sit on buses, strapped with explosives, so when a real suicide bomber gets on, they can say, "Hey, man, it's O.K., I got this one covered."
Dan Bilefsky has an article on a Muslim humorist in Denmark while Alan Cowell has one on a Dane of Pakistani descent. Needless to say, both articles assume the innate wisdom of their subjects and the backwards, reactionary attitude of the general population, but still, that doesn't mean that Marzouk's jokes aren't funny.
If the audience doesn't laugh at his jokes, his resorts to a favorite riposte, "I don't care if my jokes bomb. They go straight to heaven where they get 72 virgin jokes"
Meanwhile, the cute puppydog (tak til TP) has more acerbic humor from Denmark (check out his support Denmark logo).

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