Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hint: the Danish embassy doesn’t have a cross, bell, or steeple.

I think that the Embassy burners can safely be called savages:
«BEIRUT, Lebanon Feb 5, 2006 (AP) — Thousands of Muslims rampaged Sunday in Beirut, setting fire to the Danish Embassy, burning Danish flags and lobbing stones at a Maronite Catholic church as violent protests spread over caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.

Troops fired bullets into the air and used tear gas and water cannons to push the crowds back after a small group of Islamic extremists tried to break through the security barrier outside the embassy.

Demonstrators attacked policemen with stones and set fire to several fire engines, witnesses said.

[ ... ]

"Now it has become more than a case about the drawings which (for extra dramatic effect) were referred to as “worse than the holocaust” by some BBCinterviewee in Damascus: Now there are forces that wants a confrontation between our cultures," Moeller said. "It is in no one's interest, neither them or us."

Syria blamed Denmark for the protests, criticizing the Scandinavian nation for refusing to apologize for the caricatures of Islam's holiest figure.»
In spite of the barbarism, there aren’t any surprises here. Bombs have been set periodically in the Christian neighborhoods of Beirut without any seeming pattern or logic for several years now. Never mind the fact that the civil war is over.

Islamists show every sign of not being able to tell the differences between a critic and an enemy, a newspaper and a government, or an Arab Christian (who, by the way, warned you) and a Dane.

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