Monday, January 02, 2006

Do you think they resent inhabiting ‘Bush House’?

Pamela blows the lid off of the beeb. And as usual does it with style and panache.

«The impact of BBC coverage cannot be understated.

Readers provided a full laundry list of complaints and we found the most effective way to condense the biggest offenses was in a simple list form. The examples of bias from the year past indicates a pattern of naïveté, dishonesty, forcing facts to conform to a narrow worldview and, arguably, a desire to inappropriately influence events - all paid for by British television viewers through the TV License Fee.»
Note too at the end of this post the bald faced rewriting of the heart of a story through simple omission. That anyone would imagine them ‘neutral’ in places like the levant where they spin events any number of ways is astonishing. What will happen when the people whose fate they’re spinning for the sake of their dimwitted ideology turn on them?

Rock on Pamela.

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