Saturday, January 07, 2006

And we’re supposed to care?

Wonkette writes a novelette. Every Gazette goes into a capsheaf of sweat.

Washington's very own village idiot, the apparently young woman who everyone pretends to take interest in and tries to be nice to, has written a novel.

Mark Gauvreau Judge writing in this weekend's WSJ pans it in 7 column inches, 3 more than the MSM's poster child of blogging deserves.

It's not Cox's fault. She's was fingered by the twitterati as a suitably shallow representation of a blogger for them to neither question, unravel, or understand. Fitting, given that her subject is so frequently herself or one fantasist analog or another or herself.

Next step in this info-tainment kabuki is likely little more that for some media outfit to sell her as a victim and then give her a talk show, all in a fit of how to "package a new product."

She's a gossip columnist covering the least interesting personal lives on earth. Political naïfs think she is a political blogger. The politically oriented think she?s a celebrity blogger. In other words, she had to do something to avoid editing trade newsletters or trying to find some other use for a liberal arts degree. Otherwise she can look forward to a lifetime of self-analysis and second guessing:

«Q: You talked about the other gossip columnists who are straight men and you're -

A: Not a straight man.

Q: Right, not a straight man. But your blog is definitely focused on your personality and the fact that it's a woman.

A: I take advantage of that.

Q: Would it work if Wonkette, if the blogger behind Wonkette?

A: Didn't have the same personality?

Q: Well, if they weren't female or young or white or all these things that are so DC-friendly.

A: I think Wonkette could be not white. I think that could probably work. But I think it's weird. I mean, I think I have taken over the personality of the blog in a way that the other Gawker people haven't.»
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