Friday, November 18, 2005

Part One: “What”

It’s hard to understand there could exist desperation in a developed nation with a rich history of law and mature notions of its’ own society.

Below is a message that came to me by way of someone I hear from regularly and trust. Though I have no way of confirming the story below entirely, I have been able to confirm that the person telling it has no reason to lie, and that the website of the small Gaullist political party that he was a part of has been taken down.

Names and links have been deleted, given the nature of the threats.
The translation is my own. Please forgive its’ roughness.

«I received a telephone call this evening telling me very clearly that me or my family would not be protected if our identities had been suddenly revealed. The personal information communicated to me in detail by an unexpected "interlocutor", which makes me believe the threat to be authentic. I drew the conclusion that it was a "final warning."
I was also told that as long as I continue my "activities," I would not be able to find a job I have a wife and two children, and I can’t take that kind of financial or personal risk. I have to consider the well being of my family.

Our enemies are sufficiently powerful to dominate the media, to prevent the publication of book, or to censure people by other means, including social elimination, all within the powers of the State of Emergency. I have two girls. It’s clear that I can’t risk their well being. The MEDEF [association of businesses], the trade unions, and the elites all play into this. I don’t have any illusions about my fate in France and I need to work to sustain my family.

I’m not Moses. I will not save the French in spite of themselves, and I’m serious when I say "in spite of themselves", because it needs to be understood that on one side that if on a side there is an agreement to organize and impose a Eurabia on us, and resistance to it is scattered, divided, and locked up in strange plans and speeches. Realistically a divided people can’t oppose this enemy. This conflict isn’t just abusive, it’s depressing. I’ve done what I could for 16 years, and like the story goes: the writings will always be there.

The [organization name withheld] is dissolved, all the data on the identity of its members were destroyed to ensure their safety. I thank the few people who tried, in vain, to support it. At this point, it’s finished.»Yours’ truly,
[name withheld]

«J'ai reçu un coup de téléphone ce soir, extrèmement clair qui m'a indiqué que moi ou ma famille ne serions pas protégés si nos identités venaient à être révélées. Les renseignements personnels fournis par mon "interlocuteur" étant suffisamment précis et inattendus pour guère ne me faire d'illusion sur l'origine de cet "avertissement", j'en ai tiré la conclusion que c'était bien un "dernier avertissement"

On m'a d'ailleurs également indiqué, que tant que mes "activités" continueraient je ne pourrai pas compter retrouver un emploi. Or j'ai une femme et deux enfants, et je ne peux certainement pas prendre non plus ce risque économique et social pour la survie de ma famille.

Nos ennemis sont suffisamment puissants pour dominer les media, empêcher la publication de livre, ou imposer au peuple leur censure par tous les moyens, y compris l'élimination sociale, dans un contexte désormais soumis à l'état d'urgence. J'ai deux filles, les choses sont claires. Le MEDEF, les syndicats, comme l'ensemble des élites étant toutes complices, je n'ai aucun illusion sur mon sort en France et j'ai besoin d'un emploi pour faire vivre ma famille...

Je ne suis pas Moïse, je ne sauverai pas les français malgré eux, et j'insiste bien sur le "malgré eux", car il faut bien reconnaître aussi que si d'un côté règne l'entente pour organiser et imposer l'eurabia, de l'autre les résistances sont trop éparses, trop divisées, trop enfermées aussi dans des conceptions dépassées et des discours, voire des réalités, coupés du peuple, pour représenter une force crédible pouvant faire face à l'ennemi. Ce combat est non seulement harassant, mais aussi déprimant. J'ai fait ma part depuis 16 ans, et comme dit le proverbe : les écrits restent..

[le nom de l'organisation est retenu] est dissoute, toutes les données sur l'identité de ses membres ont été détruites pour assurer leur sécurité. Je remercie les quelques personnes qui ont tenté, en vain, de [le] soutenir. Mais cette fois, c'est bien fini.»

[nom retenu]

This party in question isn’t “ultra” anything, but has conservative views, are proponents of personal liberty, and oppose Israel bashers. As far as his travails go, one must understand just how easily and readily centers of power, (local or national), can brutally strong-arm people and their ideas simply because they don’t like them, or feel threatened. It’s all done without a pretense of abiding ones’ freedom of speech.

Both France and large parts of Europe appear to have the social exhaustion that has brought them to sheepishness and a resident element of loutishness to permit this kind of thing to go on. All the same, objections to it are tut-tutted for fear of the neighbors seeing. That kind of environment is no different that the type that are ripe to accept dictatorship.

First and foremost the right of free speech needs to be preserved in a realistic manner, not deconstructed into a stupor. You either have your freedoms or you don’t.

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