Thursday, November 17, 2005

Does Chienne giflée get lost in translation?

The BBC’s Hugh Schofield has been monitoring some of the bad French knock-offs of something lame to begin with: rap. Although he appears to be either digging, or sarcastic when he says that one clown named “Joey Starr” (or is that jOey StaRr) was “providing a grim prophecy” of Francifada that some try to call “art”.

«"There had better not be a police blunder, or the town will go up / The city's a time-bomb / From the police chief to the guy on the street - they're all hated."»
Or this fine opus:
«"The state is screwing us / Well you know, we are going to defend ourselves / Don't try to understand."»
The only thing that could be worse than white rap has got to be euro-rap, a remnant of the trash culture the efete in inner EUtopia think that they’re above.

Merci à Valerie

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