Sunday, October 23, 2005

Watching the watchers who are pimping hate, calling it news

A European “news” website, which is actually a lefty opinion blog in a disingenuous disguise, is peddling a patently Anti-American website, as if it’s written by typical Americans and not their extra special proletarians. It seems to me that “Watching America” is watching through an intentionally dirty window. Nor is such remotely disinterested opinion even worth taking seriously enough to make repeating it the mainstay of ones' views. After all, why would a Columbian paper have such a regal opinion about domestic American affairs when they are in the midst of an endless state of civil war, and why do they want that much undue influence when a paper can’t identify that civil war as “Ethical Decomposition”?

Their subheading is “Discover What the World Thinks About U.S.” [sic], but it’s fairly obvious that it’s what they would like Americans to think of What the World Thinks About (the) U.S., since there is nothing coldly objective on their site, just what they think is bad news about the U.S. It’s a transparent repetition the same emotionally satisfying smears found in the shallower ponds of the western European media reduplicated, and parading as a newsfeed trying to elbow its’ way onto carriers like Breitbart and Google news.

Besides, it only took about 10 seconds to discover that their tinting of the news is about as childish as rewriting article headings:

Watching America: “Despite U.S. Mistakes, Iraq Vote 'a Small Step' Toward Victory” is retitled, is rerun, and is linked to:

Daily Star (Beirut): “Despite slim odds of success, it is worth pursuing the dream of a democratic Iraq”

The Jerusalem Post’s: “Editorial: Coercing Syria” becomes: “'Bizarre, But True:' Israel Fails to Learn the Lesson of 9/11

You know the routine. It’s about 40 years old: trying to tell people that they “just don’t know the truth” about a society. Oddly enough, they also usually try to convince you that only those likeminded with them in that society itself notices their tremendous epiphanies either. As much as this seems like a logical impossibility, anything is possible when they can get a grip on an angry, uninformed mind.

As for the other “news” blog, for those frequently convinced of the malice of commerce, they sure spend a lot of time peddling wares with the drab coverage-cum-commercial -promotion found on Deutsche Welle and the like.

You can stop laughing now. And if you think we do the same thing, you're wrong.

We don't pretend to be a source of news.

They are so blinkered that they find criticism on the U.S. in this: “Katrina Victims Get Luxury Hotels, as Pakistanis Do Without”, as if the majority of other items that they call news are about the lack of compassion in the U.S. I’m sure a few weeks ago, they would have peddled nothing but stories about the failure of Katrina evacuees to find decent temporary housing, and now demanding that the US somehow teleport housing that’s better than the type they repeated reports of disgrace about several weeks ago.

Then again, there are always delusions to be repeated: “Chavez Says Bush Has 'Ghost in His Subconcious;' U.S. Plans to Invade.” Chavez has repeated the invasion and assassination assertion every six months for the past few years. Lacking the luster that it did ‘back in the day’ before he repeated it like a madman, a writer somewhere had to pretend to be projecting the thoughts of someones’ unconscious mind, since neither the U.S. government's actions or words support Chavez’ casual yadda-yadda about invation plans and assassinations.

There are those who would simply nod, stand akimbo, and accept Chavez' immature foot-stomping without questioning it, but it might also suit the emotional projections of the 'Watchers' as well who seem to have the same emotional Jones to satisfy.

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