Thursday, October 27, 2005

One flew over the Zappo’s nest

This week: we hear the adulations of a desperate man who thinks that he’s “under siege” by the Pope and the U.S. and has had a mini “moonbat-palooza” as a sidebar at the Iberian Summit with a few friends.

«At the conference, Prime Minister Zapatero went out of his way to flatter and appease the leaders of the two countries that are most hostile to the U.S.: Cuba and Venezuela. Castro, at least, wasn’t physically present. But Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was, and Zapatero not only laughed and joked with him but also cut a deal to supply him weapons.»
They accomplished little else, and managed to burn a few bridges as well as pity himself.
«In the book, Zapatero answers questions on his own life, and details "the new ideas that inspire his administration's project, beginning with the demand to rebuild morality in politics, his preferences for political liberalism instead of 'Blairite' economic liberalism, and that's where his program comes from." During the entire interview, Zapatero made constant allusions to Tony Blair and to the differences between the two. Zapatero said, "I am convinced that the Socialist tradition must confront liberalism, but I prefer political liberalism to economic liberalism."»
There really isn’t much there to make sense of, but it really isn’t that different than the profile of a alcoholic who is just about to bottom out. In this case he might take his country’s credibility with him.

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