Thursday, September 22, 2005

Revolting Display of Ike's Lack of Compassion

50 Years Ago:
While hurricane "Ione" roared over the North Atlantic [on Sept. 21, 1955], shattered towns in North Carolina and Mexico counted a toll of death and damage wrought by "Ione" and its sister storm, "Hilda." Mexico was left with at least 166 dead and 100 missing in the Gulf port of Tampico and the surrounding area where "Hilda" struck. Continuing floods threatened to raise this toll. With refugees crowded together and water supplies doubtful, authorities feared epidemics. In North Carolina, five persons were dead.
(…Must have something to do with Ike's resentment of Southern gen'l'men an' dirty "spics"…)

And how 'bout that quake in Lebanon?

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