Friday, July 15, 2005

When the Murder of 3,000 Men, Women, and Children Concerns the Yanks, It Becomes Little More than "Challenging" the American Power

Subject of the Histoire Géographie high school finals in Créteil (merci à RV):
Document 1:
1) How is the military power of the United States reflected in the world?

Document 1 and 2:
2) Find four indicators of the American economic power and give two pieces of evidence of America's cultural might. (4 points)

Document 3:
3) In what way was the American power challenged on 11 September 2001? (1 point)
When the murder of 3,000 men, women, and children concerns Yanks, in the minds of the wise and lucid "humanists" and of the holier-than-thou pacifists, it is nothing more than "challenging the American power".

Click below for some students' answers to the above exam, for another French example of sophisticated high school education, for more objective French literature for the young, and for an assessment of what atmosphere the above help to contribute to in the worldview of the French (young and elders alike)…

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