Saturday, July 02, 2005

It about poverty erm, something...

Saint Bob and Saint Bono swooped in to be in the photo. The world’s governments, after all wouldn’t be playing these games with inflated-ego celebrities if they hadn’t already decided to dissolve debts of highly indebted nations, or already decided to treble TREBLE aid taken from your taxes.

«According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the U.S. government sent $16.2 billion abroad in 2003. That's 35 percent of the total amount given that year by all industrialized nations combined.»
-Andy Brehm writing in the Star-Tribune (Minneapolis-St. Paul)

What is it then that these agitators attending “Live 8”(and also against)WANT? Why don’t they just open up their wallets and give of themselves? What they want is to simply tax YOU for the charity THEY want to give in THEIR name, and somehow absolve them of guilt.

Justice? “Social” justice? I thought this was about poverty? Not high-school socialism.

What will going to a concert do anyway? Raise awareness? Well, who in the world doesn’t know that large parts of Africa have problems. Raise money? No – what they could give is nothing compared to the general public acting without their coercion.

No – they want to feel good about what they think they’re doing. They want to celebrate the fact that by repeating what being discussed inside the G8 meeting, that they think that the can TAKE CREDIT for it!

Think about the anonymity and mindlessness of state aid anyway – how can anyone feel good about not giving of oneself, but giving away other people’s money? The whole thing has the same silly detachment from reality as the pop-culture that it crawled out of.
Hilarious. Like the mental masturbation found in academia, this is nothing more that patting one another on the back and lauding each others' virtue.

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