Monday, June 27, 2005


Do you know how often smug French people like to point out the obvious superiority of European society because of the fact that the percentage of blacks in America's prisons is far superior than that of African-Americans in American society as a whole; and to wax on (and on, and on) about how this shows the obvious failure of capitalism, of the effort to improve race relations, and of America itself?

Well, for some reason — perhaps because French media outlets rarely (if ever) dwell upon such matters — the afore-mentioned cynics make much less noise about this LGF statistic (merci à Grégoire et Steve).

Incidentally, Steve notes the plethora of "said-with-irony quotemarks" around words such as "extremist groups", "Salafi", "emergency", and "Islamic" extremism. As for a French jail, it is called a
Concentration camp …! No irony quotemarks there! Thanks, Islam Online! We Americans now have an easy retort for snooty French remarks about Guantanamo Bay.

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