Sunday, June 26, 2005

At least they aren't promoting some kind of EUsperanto yet...

Deutsche Welle reports/ promotes a the actual integration of Germans who aren't culturally German, and therefore disinvolved in German life. Finally!
The terribly misnamed piece called Promoting Germany's Language Melting Pot reveals a sort of novelty and discomfort to the whole excercise. At least the lazy meme of "multi-culturalism" has some competition on the Agora of ideas now.

They seem to finally have realized that people don't exactly dispose of their identities when they integrate, not do they lose their dignity. So even though the language "melting pot" is no didfferent than the night before, in a novelty sensetive society, the case has to be made disingenuously that learning German is a "melting pot thing" in itself.

I can't help wondering why they didn't pose the lead-off image with the word "integration" in english, and not german. DW is meant as a sort of propaganda to promote German culture, ideas, and economy. Perhaps they recognize that "tribal relations" in German aren't living up as planned, and seem so from abroad.

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