Friday, March 11, 2005

Shivering on the way to Maastricht

Faux de Meiux draws our attention to this item from the Grauniad on the EU Constitutional Referendum:
"All the polls show the pattern of France's referendum on the 1992 Maastricht treaty inexorably repeating itself. Starting with broad public support (65% only a few months ago), the yes camp finds itself becoming increasingly unpopular (now below 50%, according to some surveys). In 1992, it ended up carrying the day by a whisker, but this time it may not.

Right now, the no camp - composed of an unholy and disparate alliance of the National Front, the Communists, the Trotskyists, the left-leaning republicans, the right-leaning sovereignists and a significant minority of the Socialists - is busy earning points. The yes campaign, comprising most of the ruling UMP party, its centrist UDF allies and a majority of the Socialist opposition - has yet to get off the ground.

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