Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Paranoid trolls

I find one thing very interesting about the hostile comments - they are never about the subject of the post. Why is that?

Of all the hate mail I’ve gotten, my favorite had to be one that just said:
“Fu*k you, Joe! Slow food.”
Naturally, none of the posts up at that point, or the post he commented on had anything to do with food, globalizations, or any other even broadly or parenthetically related subject. It was just an expression of programmed hatred. The guy could have had a key in his back: wind it up and watch him go.

The most frequent blurts we receive are simply repeated, unrelated, and often ancient bromides. There are always one or two about Native Americans, Jews, whatever race seems handy for them to sort out...
It’s quite amusing, really. They remind me of this little guy:

After all what can you make of our commenters and the Eurolefty vision in general when geeks who would rather be assembling model boats can debunk 9-11 conspiracy theories.

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