Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Nimmo’s nitrogen narcosis

Kurt Nimmo has it all wrong. Even the BBC’s numbers were exaggerated at 100 000 pre Syrian supporters. But in his desire to see anyone and everyone hurt in the interest of his domestic political causes, he goes so far to even get history wrong and parroting agit-prop:

Here’s the deal in Lebanon: between 500,000 and a million Lebanese turned out to tell Bush and Chirac they don’t want Syria out of their country, not because they particularly love the Syrians but rather because they are deathly afraid of what will happen if the Syrian military leaves. “Hundreds of thousands of pro-Syrian demonstrators have gathered in Beirut to denounce what they see as Western interference in Lebanon,” reported al-Jazeera earlier today. “No to foreign interference,” banners read. “Beirut is free, America out,” protesters chanted.
First of all, America is not there to be OUT. Yanqui is already gone home. The call for Syrian withdrawal were domestic. By “western interference” he must mean the Lebanese who largely concider themselves western. If he’s looking for foreign interference, look no further than Syria.

Then he resorts to the same old trick of repeating the words "Sabra and Shatilla" as often as possible, as if they were entirely detached from any other event in the history of the Lebanese Civil War.
Nor will he even mention the elephant in the room: the fact that the Palestinians were (just one example) doing more harm to the Lebanese than they ever did to Israel.

Discover the Network gets further into it. Feel free to explore, but I have to warn you about the risk of nausea.

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