Thursday, September 16, 2004

A Fahrenheit 911 Movie Review …from Iraq

I have already written that Fahrenheit 911 would probably be far more credible if Iraqis themselves were to acquiesce in the movie's message. As it happens, that does not seem extremely likely, if one is to read how Michael Moore's film was recently described by one Iraqi on Iraq the Model:
…the best part goes when he suspected that the war against Taliban was to build a pipeline through Afghanistan!! With this level of assessment I won't be surprised if future wars will happen for building a bridge or maybe paving a road!! And I really was shocked when he pictured Iraq like peaceful country where children play and people laugh happily, guess what Mr. Moore you are wrong coz I live in Iraq and children weren't playing they were working to live and people weren’t smiling they were either afraid of getting killed or arrested for no reason or just because they don’t like Saddam and they dared to say so.

I really don’t know why you have to cheat to make the people believe you coz the whole world knew how the Iraqi people suffered from Saddam and you try to show that they were happy with him! In the same superficial manner you used to show that Iraq was a happy place, one could use the pictures of children singing around Stalin celebrating his birthday to show that people loved Stalin and they were happy.…

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