Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Leftist Spain's Homage to the Victims of September 11

See what kind of homage the brave Spaniards of the left
— the brave, the tolerant, the humanistic, the wise, the peaceful, the lucid, the understanding, the visionary Spaniards of the left — display towards the victims of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

Once the last traces of vomit have been cleaned up, you can try to relax by reading the Polish opposition's homage to Spain's leftists. (It sounds a lot like the Australian government's homage to Spain's leftists.)

As Franco Aleman points out, the Poles' message

is exactly the opposite to what our Zapaterlain told when he was in opposition, and to what he did once he took office. Some people think that it was his anti-war stance which invited the attacks, by putting a giant target into our backs saying "Hit us". And I can't say I blame them.
At the time of the diplomatic row with Canberra, the Aussie foreign minister's comments "caused great offence in Madrid". Which ought to prove to everybody just how careful the intelligent and reasonable leftists in power are in following the tenets of civility and good manners.

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