Monday, June 28, 2004

...within hours

Over at Watch, Mårten comments on this Guardian report on Chirac's rejection of proposed Nato assistance to Iraq: " Weasel Watch. Considering that sovereignty is transferred to Iraqis this very week, Chirac is basically against NATO having a formal role in supporting a fledgling independent Iraq in the face of a massive terrorist campaign against it. In fact, Chirac can't hide behind the mantra of 'occupation' anymore, making the cynicism of his 'resistance' completely transparent."

Yet to-day Forbes magazine reports that Sarkozy is once again running counter to Chirac. Within hours of the announced transfer of sovereignty, "the French Finance Ministry said in a statement that full economic ties with Iraq will be restored..." Given Iraqi FM Zebari's harsh words for those who opposed the war, one would suppose that Chirac could hardly expect to attend the next Babylon festival (see below) as if it were still the good old days (er... I mean just the old days). Yet this is perhaps another front in the battle between Chirac and Sarko, who looks to be announcing the strategic and diplomatic directions he intends to take France... if elected president.

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