Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Window In Lebanon

WiL writes:
Bush argues for Turkey's admission into the European Union, which wouldn't be a bad idea in order to avoid having the country sink into fanatical islamism. "If president Bush really said that, as I read it, then not only did he go to far but he is outside his own domain." Jacques Chirac feels that George Bush would do better to mind his own business as Chirac doesn't give Bush advice on Mexico. Eh? Chirac and his group don't give lessons to the whole world? I am speechless, given that for years I've been keeping track of the homilies by de Villepin et al. Let's recall that, after all, Chirac was glad that the US intervened in Kosovo four years go, even though "four hours from Paris," as they said, isn't exactly in America's sphere of influence.

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