Monday, May 03, 2004

No Zapo, He

News from Poland.
The new prime minister, Marek Belka, promised to push ahead with tough reforms and keep supporting the United States in Iraq as he took office a day after Poland joined the European Union. …

Belka, who recently completed a term as director for economic policy for the U.S.-led provisional authority in Baghdad, has said he will continue Miller's support of the U.S. mission in Iraq, where Poland has some 2,400 soldiers and leads the multinational force.

He said Sunday his foreign policy priorities continue to be "a successful fulfillment of our mission in Iraq" and overcoming obstacles to a new EU constitution. The constitution was stalled last year by Polish and Spanish opposition to the draft document, which would have reduced their voting powers. "Both those issues must be solved in accordance with the national interest of Poland," said Belka, a member of Miller's Democratic Left Alliance.

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