Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Arnold Gets High Marks from The Economist

A special survey on California in the May 1 edition of The Economist starts thus:
What a short, strange and surprisingly pleasurable trip it's been … Six months into his term, the idea of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger no longer seems so weird.
The issue also includes an article which states that
it is hard to find anyone in Californian politics who has a bad word to say for Mr Schwarzenegger in public. He has charmed people, bringing a touch of glamour to a town that has not seemed cool since Jerry Brown's days; he has a first-rate team of advisers; and, just as in Hollywood, where he remains as much admired for his business sense as for his acting, nobody makes jokes about dumb action heroes any more.
It adds that
momentum will surely be the key to Mr Schwarzenegger's success. In much the same way that a good action movie seldom leaves you much time to watch the details, a successful Schwarzenegger governorship will rely on pushing forward—and solving problems.
I'm just offering this to all those wise people, French or otherwise, who castigated Americans for being so silly and retarded to vote for somebody not hailing from the ENA (France's École Nationale d'Administration) or its equivalent abroad.

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