Sunday, December 15, 2019

The Divine Right of Democrats: Kevin Williamson on the liberation of the Donkey party by the practical elimination of the Republican party

Michelle Goldberg of the New York Times has a dream, a dream in which about half of the American people are deprived of an effective means of political representation, a dream of one-party government in which the Democrats are the only game in town
writes Kevin D. Williamson in
— “Dare We Dream of the End of the GOP?” her column is headlined — which also is a dream of visiting vengeance upon those who dared to vote for their own interests as they understood them and thereby schemed “to stop the New America from governing.”

That quotation is from a new book by Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg bearing the title R.I.P. G.O.P. Greenberg himself has a new column in the Times on the same theme. “The 2020 election will be transformative like few in our history,” he writes. “It will end with the death of the Republican Party as we know it . . . [and] liberate the Democratic Party from the country’s suffocating polarization and allow it to use government to address the vast array of problems facing the nation.”

We might understand the Goldberg-Greenberg position as “the divine right of Democrats,” who apparently have an eternal moral mandate to rule for reasons that must remain mysterious to those outside the ranks of New York Times columnists.

Goldberg and Greenberg … do not understand the United States as having two legitimate competing political camps but as suffering from a kind of infection in the form of the Republican party, which inhibits the normal and healthy — meaning Democrat-dominated — political life of the United States. They believe that something they call the “New America” has an unquestionable natural moral right to rule and that the Republican party is not a competing pole but a blockage. To write as Greenberg does that the Democratic party is to be liberated by the practical elimination of the Republican party, and hence able to operate unencumbered, is to embrace not only the end of the GOP but the end of ordinary political opposition. 

 … Eliminating the Republican party would not relieve the country of the “polarization” — meaning opposition — that annoys the Goldberg-Greenberg camp.

 … The only way to achieve that would be through the political suppression of those with dissenting political views.

Which, of course, is the Left’s current agenda, from deputizing Corporate America to act as its political enforcer by making employment contingent upon the acceptance of progressive political orthodoxies to attempting to gut the First Amendment in the name of “campaign finance” regulation — it is the Democratic party, not the moral scolds of the Christian Coalition, that proposes to lock up Americans for showing movies with unauthorized political content — to grievously abusing legislative and prosecutorial powers to harass and persecute those with nonconforming political views (“Arrest Climate-Change Deniers”) and declaring political rivals “domestic terrorists,” as California Democrats have with the National Rifle Association.

 … The Democrats who are doing this believe themselves to be acting morally, even patriotically, and sometimes heroically. Why? Because they believe that opposition is fundamentally illegitimate.


KellyJ said...

The best way to check a dream like that is to ask yourself if you would be OK with the DNC going away and only the Republican Party were allowed. If your answer is no then you need to recheck your so-called "moral compass."
In short...I haven't seen Democrats this angry since we took their slaves away.

interventor said...

To satisfy their wealthy donors, Democrat politicians are reverting to type – founding a neo- manorial/feudal system on the left coast. California is the new South Carolina. Add, Oregon, Washington state and Hawaii to complete the set. New York state, New England and Maryland are the new border states like Missouri, Delaware, Kentucky and Maryland were.
The old south possessed a small extremely wealthy class, a tiny middle class, human trafficking and large numbers of whites and free blacks in poverty. The cotton plantation owners and factors such as Lehman Brothers, who traded in cotton, made up the wealthy class. The small middle class included doctors, lawyers, larger shop owners and few others that catered to the wealthy. Trafficked labor depressed the wages of most others. Now, wealthy donors understand that hiring cheap labor is more cost effective than involuntary labor. Who tend to work only enough to keep from being punished and the must be cared for 24/7.
California’s wealthy class are mostly those in IT, show business and a few industries. Lawyers and doctors, who cater to the aforementioned, form the upper middle class. The wealthy use imported labor to depress IT wages at one end and unskilled labor to keep their mansions, with well manicured lawns – mimicking human servitude of old. Use of such depresses the wages of a dwindling middle class. Add, rising taxes and either those in the middle class become poor or leave the state. California has 12 percent of the nation’s population. But, one-third of the homeless and one-third of those on welfare.

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