Monday, August 12, 2019

In Germany, free education leads to irrelevant courses, hopelessly overcrowded public universities, and a drop-out rate of about 30%

From Wentorf, Roger Graves, a lecturer with 20 years of experience in Germany, testifies about an Economist article on Under-qualified Germans:
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Inkling said...

This is discouraging news. While there is a downside, kids whose working class backgrounds may conceal their academic abilities, in the past much of Germany's economic success was due to linking the majority of school kids to the training that would maximize their income making potential and contributions to society. Someone with the skills to be a good machinist became one at eighteen. He didn't find himself at 26 with no marketable skills.

John P McMahon said...

The German education system has relied heavily on benchmark standardized testing to sort students into appropriate education pathways to the professions, trades, or service industry, but I guess that the everyone gets a trophy mentality has crept over there too. I do find that the college drop out rate is significantly better than that of the US though, since close to 50% of college students drop out in this country

Goetz von Berlichingen said...

The US drop-out rate for freshmen is 30%.

Private colleges in Germany are a bit less than 10% of the total. In the US, private colleges enroll about 40% of the college population. Much less of a hit to the taxpayer in the US when someone drops-out.
Even our community colleges require some tuition fees. German Volkshochschuele, the sorta equivalent of our CCs, are also 'free' (if you consider a starting income tax rate of 55% and VATs at 20% 'free'), so the drop-out rate impacts the taxpayer more in Deutschland in that example as well.
Finally, about 25% of abiturfertige qualify for the free funding. In the US, the situation is different: 'In 2016, the most recent year for which statistics are available, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 69.7 percent of students who graduated high school in 2016 were enrolled in college. About 49 percent of these students are enrolled in community colleges, according to a 2017 report issued by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center.'

Although one pays for it, a college education is available to a higher percentage of Americans than to Germans.

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interventor said...

My friend in Germany had to hire a lawyer to ensure his son was accepted in pharmacist training at every year of his education. The lawyers cost about what a US 4 year education would cost,

Kepha said...

Time was when the German university was the envy of the world.

The New York Crank said...

Uh, Erik?

Better get in and moderate out the SPAM. I refer to a so-called comment called "PLEASE READ PLEASE READ" posted at 10:50 PM..

As for free college, it existed in New York City for years — what is now the City University of New York system — and graduated countless immortals from Jonas Salk to Colin Powell to Justice Felix Frankfurter before dwindling support forced them to change tuition.. Were there flunk outs? Oodles. But at least they were given a fair shot. And entrance exams helped eliminate the weakest of candidates. Ditto, the once-nearly free land grand state universities, from Michigan, to Wisconsin, to the University of California system were generously underwritten by the taxpayers, flunked out many, but provide fabulous rewards to the best and brightest, and to their states before conservatives decided that government had no business paying for an educated electorate.

Whether you agree with me or not, please zap out Michelle Woods.

Yours very crankily,
The New York Crank

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