Thursday, January 10, 2019

After Displaying His Collaboration Credentials, Mitt Romney Is Urged by Liberals to Run for President

Barely had Mitt Romney penned an anti-Trump op-ed for the Washington Post than one Amy Davidson Sorkin writes a piece in The New Yorker almost begging the Utah Senator to make a run for the White House:

Romney Vs. Trump: If Utah's Senator Is Serious, He Should Be Running for President
Are Mitt Romney and other Trump critics in the G.O.P. going to fight for American values or engage in quixotic battles to teach the President better manners? 
(Update: Thanks for the Instalink, Stephen…)

As Jon Gabriel writes, Don’t Be a Flake, Mitt:
Romney should keep a tally in his day planner: Every criticism of Trump merits at least 25 criticisms of the braying donkeys trying to push socialism on America. If he’s unwilling to take the fight to the left, there’s no reason for anyone on the right to support him.
Adds Ed Driscoll:
See also: Romney’s 2012 campaign.
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Calling Republicans "Hitler" since… the 1940s (!)

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— the "Insufferable" Ann Romney — to Hitler, Stalin (thanks to Ed Driscoll)


hombre said...

I wonder how Mitt would do with half the Repubs sitting home on general Election Day. There is something inordinately stupid about the Romneys, McCains, et. al, that causes them to believe that the leftmediaswine will give them a fair shake if they just suck around long enough.

Anonymous said...

If Mitt wins, he wins. If Mitt loses, the Republicans lose... which means Mitt wins. That's just who he is.

FiftycalTX said...

Just what the socialists want. A strawman they can knock over easily and he will apologize for dirtying their boots as they kick him. Not the mean, nasty fighter that President Trump is.

Fen said...

"half the Repubs sitting home on general Election Day"

Oh no. I worked for the Romney campaign. If he runs I will rejoin his team and actively sabotage him at every turn.

"Hey WaPo, here's vid of Romney bashimg African Americans and Jews"

"Here CNN. A memo to the KKK on campaign letterhead"

One betrayal deserves another.

vedant said...

its the thing that socialist want. wonder what would happen if the mitt were there sitting on general election day.
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