Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Star Wars VIII: A Disturbance in la Force

When, at minute 1:10 of the Jimmy Kimmel Live special on the eighth Star Wars film, the host asks Rian Johnson, "Is Jedi in the title of this film singular or plural?", the writer-director of the The Last Jedi replies that it is singular.

Fair enough, but in France, the message does not seem to have gone through — or else, it's due to the ever-lasting love-hate relationship between les Français et les Anglo-Saxons — as the title there is Les Derniers Jedi.
Rian settles the debate over whether or not Jedi is plural in this movie's title
Le Figaro's Jean Talabot has an entire article on the issue, saying that a translation error might be involved.
Il se peut également que ce titre français soit du à une erreur de traduction, ce qui ne serait pas la première fois comme l'a soulevé le Huffington Post .

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