Thursday, May 25, 2017

Can't America Impeach Trump and Remove Him from Office? Asks French Radio Channel Giddily; GOP's Reen Answers with One Single Monosyllable

Est-ce l'Amérique peut se déTrumper ? asks French radio in a play on words meaning both Can America unTrump itself and Can America undo its blunder.

Among the guests of Laurent Goumarre's Le Nouveau Rendez-Vous on the France Inter radio channel devoted to the question whether Donald Trump can be impeached — or, rather, removed from office (a number of people seem to think that they are one and the same) — were Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, Samuel Doux (scénariste, réalisateur et auteur), Kid Francescoli (Chanteur), Norman Spinrad (auteur de science-fiction américain), Constance Borde (Représentante en France du parti démocrate), and Eric Fottorino (Journaliste et écrivain), as well as, last but not least, Paul Reen (représentant du Parti Républicain en France).

Notably, Alice Antheaume spent three and a half minutes in a mocking monologue over Donald Trump's tendency for writing tweets. After Christop Bourseiller went on and on for two and a half minutes with an editorial on the possibility of Donald Trump's impeachment and removal for office, Paul Reen answered with a single monosyllable.

Go to the France Inter link to hear the whole debate…

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