Friday, March 03, 2017

In the Kellyanne "Scandal" Photo, French Magazine Lops Heads Off Trump's Visitors, Hiding the Fact that They Are All Black

Asking "Is there still a president in the White House?", a French People-type magazine reports the news (sic) by showing the famed Kellyanne Conway picture on the Oval Office couch (with the word Scandal superimposed, at the link), while cutting off the heads of the visitors present, all of whom happen to be African-American.

Apparently, the conservative contention that without Kellyanne, the MSM would never have showed Donald Trump in a room full of blacks turns out to have been overly optimistic. In a move reminiscent of the treatment of the armed Tea Partier at the beginning of the Obama administration (a black man filmed from the shoulders down to hide his race and thereby pretend he is one of the movement's nefarious white supremacists), the Gala editors do their bit to make sure that Donald Trump and all Republicans can still be called racist in the future.

There is not even attempt to achieve balance by similarly cutting off the right side of the photo to make it into a more traditional 4:3 or 3:2 shot (as they do in their email service, below), Gala renders it into a little-used panoramic 16:9 by simply slicing off the top.

We go on to hear about how this is but the latest way in which "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has evidently lost its prestige", after such things as Donald Trump's daughter coming to the White House unannounced (Ivanka, who is never mentioned by name, has "no official function"!), and letting her three children run around, "as if it were a drop-in daycare center." (No mention of the Kennedy clan in the White House, Obama's feet on the Resolute desk because, hey, that's okay, they are Democrats, and when JFK Jr peeks out from a panel in the desk, that's cute, that's part of the charm, part of the glamour! and how 'bout Bill Clinton?)

The "50ish-year-old blonde" thought it alright, "in spite of the presence of an AFP photographer" (pretending the Agence France Presse shutterman was the only reporter in the room manages to add a French touch o' pride to the article), to "act like a teen-ager" and "like an out-of-control groupie."

Only once or twice does Thomas Durand mention the fact that the visitors are black and that is to ask whether the "50-year-old blonde's" attitude can be explained by "extreme relaxation or [by] lack of respect for these leaders of the African-American community?"

Just to make sure its readers understand how insidious the whole Trump administration is, Gala goes on to describe every blunder of the "former New Jersey beauty queen" in the past year or so, real or alleged, has made, including the fact that she is the one who came up with "the concept of 'alternative facts,' developed by the writer George Orwell in his novel 1984."

No, we are not entirely sure, with that last quote in mind, to what degree Gala's censors and photo-cutters are aware they are being, shall we say, disingenuous…

But you have to show understanding for the liberals, American as well as foreign, and for the mainstream media, American as well as foreign.

If they didn't do things like focus on the minutiae of a presidential adviser or lop off the heads of minority visitors to the Oval Office, how else would they manage to convince people, American as well as foreign (first and foremost among whom, themselves), that U.S. Republicans and conservatives are nefarious beings and despicable racists that need to be resisted, and combated, heroically, every inch of the way?

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