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By Inserting a Modifier Before the Words that Are Valuable to Society, Says Evan Sayet, the Modern Liberal Changes the Meaning of Concepts Like "Correct," "Justice," and "Violence" 180 Degrees

Wednesday No Pasarán gave you some key excerpts from Evan Sayet's
ten-year anniversary speech at Heritage Foundation on How the Modern Liberal Thinks: And Why He’s Convinced That Ignorance Is Bliss (thanks to Duncan).

One of the main weapons of the Modern Liberal, Evan Sayet said during the lecture which was introduced by Becky Norton Dunlop, is language:
I want to talk a little bit about the language of Modern Liberalism. Because since the Modern Liberal is always wrong, he has had to find a way to manipulate the language, to turn wrong into right. And you will notice there is a pattern, this is something he does repeatedly, he takes what is valuable, what is important, what is important to us, as a society, and then he inserts a modifier, just before the word, that changes the meaning of the word 180 degrees.

For example, the most obvious one, the one that we see and speak of the most, you and I know how important it is to be correct: we need to be correct in our facts, we need to be correct in our logic, we need to be correct in our conclusions, because if we're not, then we cannot better ourselves, we cannot find the right answer to things, we need to be correct all along those lines.
Since the modern liberal is never correct, he inserts the modifier "politically" before the word, and it switches the meaning of the words 180º.

I'll give you another example: dear to our hearts, central to our purpose, is the concept of justice — justice being (I made up this definition, but it works for me) the closest possible wedding of behavior to outcome. If you work hard, if you do the right things, justice requires — justice doesn't always prevail — but justice requires that you be rewarded. If you do the wrong things, justice should see you in some way hindered or punished.
But since the modern liberal does not believe in justice, he does not believe in individual behavior dictating righteous outcomes, he inserts the modifier "social" before the word "justice" and it spins it 180º.

So that you and I will look at something like Ferguson, Missouri, and while it saddens us to the core that Michael Brown died, there was no injustice in that outcome — it was closely wedded to Michael Brown's own behaviors. But to the Social Justice Warriors, Michael Brown is a hero, there is a plaque in Ferguson, Missouri, and [their] justice required that Darryl Wilson and others, police officers, they are the bad guys, not because anything they did made them bad, but because social justice is the antithesis of justice. …

Modern Liberalism is also the antithesis of Judaism. The great gift of the Jews was the concept of justice, the idea of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth — which sounds and is misused by many to mean vengeance, it doesn't mean that in the slightest, it means the exact opposite. So one of the first times in human history that it was codified that the punishment should not exceed the crime — it didn't matter if you were a pharaoh, and somebody stepped on your toe, you couldn't kill their families — the punishment should fit the crime. Modern Liberalism, the dominant ideology of today's Democratic Party, is the antithesis of Judaism, the gift of the Jews is justice, but the Modern Liberal does not believe in justice, he believes in its antithesis.
The author of The Kindergarden of Eden (How the Modern Liberal Thinks), also on Kindle, concludes his speech by giving us a third example, one "so ludicrous … it would be funny if it wasn't so horrifying," from Hollywood honchos responding in the 1990s to charges of violence in gangsta rap and in the movie industry. The producers replied that, compared to their own "realistic violence", everybody seemed to be ignoring
the worst kind of violence of all … the psychic violence of (beat) the Bill Cosby Show. [!] … It's insane. But once again you see that [the Modern Liberals] have inserted the modifier [psychic] before the word, and it quite literally spins the meaning of the word 180º.
Question time starts at 48:00, with the second question going to a blogger from No Pasarán.
The view from the seventh floor of the Heritage Foundation

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