Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Five-Year-Old Utopia that they've been told is the only hope for mankind

(…As in five-year-old child…) If and when you have three quarters of an hour available, do take the time to listen to Evan Sayet (thanks to btesh) — and don't forget to check out his blog.

From the blog:
John Kerry, in so many words, recently called those who serve in the American military "stupid." This is important not just because Kerry is a United States Senator and the Democratic Party's most recent standard-bearer, but because it is the way Democrats in general feel about those who serve others.

The definition of a Democrat today is narcissism. With nothing bigger than themselves to believe in -- not G-d, not America and typically not children which a great many do not have for one reason or another and those who do typically consider them nothing more than playthings ala Madonna or pawns in their political activities ala Rosie O'Donnell. It is not a coincidence that one of the groups most likely to vote en mass for the Democrats are unamrried, childless women and children themselves (college kids).

With nothing bigger than themselves to believe in they become their own gods. And jealous gods at that. Jealous of those who would give their service to things like Jesus or America or their children. Their efforts are expended, then, trying to undermine others' belief in the things that take reverence away from them.

It's not surprising, then, to find so many of these narcissists are found in positions that basically demand "look at me!" "revere me!" "I'm like a god!!!"

So you'll find them larger than life on the giant movie screen, and bringing you "the truth" on the nightly news and being in position to lecture to the children in classrooms where they are they only ones to give voice to their beliefs.
Don't forget that Evan Sayet is a comedian, though:
George Bush could be Jesus Christ himself and liberals would say, "Well, sure. His father got him the job."
And check out some of the other conservative jokes on Luke Ford. My favorite was a Jeff Wayne joke:
I have the solution to gays in the military. We should have a separate gay army. Scare the hell out of everybody. "If you don't settle down, we'll send our gay army over there. They take prisoners."

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