Monday, January 30, 2017

An American Leader Attempting to Make Medicine Cheaper and Embattle Multinationals? If It's a Not a Democrat, Then Coverage Must Be Unfavorable

Some of the most surreal attacks on conservatives are when the latter engage in policies and strive for goals that would be relentlessly praised were they pursued, and had they been passed, by a leftist.

What are a couple of things for which Barack Obama was most celebrated (not least abroad)? Wasn't it (allegedly) making health care affordable for everyone, while, in the process, (allegedly) taking on the rich 1%?

,Trump's Pressure on [Medicine] Prices Threatens Novo's Market of Billions, while one of the print version's inside headlines warns of "Tough Trump's Onslaught on the Pharmaceutical Industry."

Possibly you might expect this from a conservative publication, whose name translates as The Stock Market, The Stock Exchange, or, simply, The Exchange. But Børsen is no exception to the volleys fired against The Donald from all parts of the tiny kingdom's mainstream media.

What is called Donald Trump's own broadside led to a drop of 4.5%, later 5%, in Novo Nordisk's shares, followed by drops in those of competitors Genmab and Lundbeck.
So what have we here?

A U.S. president attempting to bring the prices of medicine down, in the process threatening the income of multinational companies (that awful Big Pharma, no less).

Coming from a Democrat, wouldn't this be celebrated, and that the world over—even in the (so-called) conservative publications of Scandinavian countries?

But 'tis a Republican, and only scare quotes are included in the reporting thereof, along with warlike battle expressions like Shock and Trump's Medicine Attack.

And so it is that: despite the fact that over the very next few days, the Ritzau Finans agency could report (in typical Paul Krugman fashion?) that The Shock of Trump's Medicine Attack Is Abating — after all, Novo has enjoyed a dream start in 2017 (not least because of "hijacking" 30% of the market insulin) — and; despite the fact that Børsen admits that shares around the globe have risen impressively due to the prospect of Donald Trump in the White House (almost 10%, with Dow Jones passing a historic milestone), investors ought to ask themselves how long it can last, all the while we have an editorial bellowing that Trump Must Be Crippled by All People Who Love Freedom.

Must be "crippled"?! Try that line of attack one against Obama or any democrat, and see how long you last…