Saturday, October 29, 2016

The NeverTrumpers are falling for the trap set by the worst elements in our nation

I should qualify the title of this article somewhat
writes Gary DeMar regarding This Election is not Moonbeams and Rainbows. It’s ‘The Godfather’,
by stating that for Democrats, politics is moonbeams and rainbows. There’s California governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown and the rainbow all-things-sex-activists of the LGBT lobby who frighten the daylights out of Democrats and spineless Republicans.

What I mean about moonbeams and rainbows is how some Republicans and Christians are voting for third-party candidates as “protest” or “conscience” votes. Some people actually believe one of these no-name candidates could win. One woman claimed I didn’t have faith that God could do a miracle.
I believe God can do miracles, but in almost all cases He doesn’t. Politics is not about miracles. It’s about a whole lot of things, and that’s the main problem with third-party and write-in campaign.

Trotting out some no-name or almost no-name candidate every four years will not win any elections. People who take this road may feel good about their vote, but in the end, they are getting what they don’t want. And in the case of this election, they might get a whole lot more of what they don’t want if Hillary Clinton gets elected.

There will be another four years, and another no-name candidate and the recriminations will come against those who are voted for the “lesser of two evils.” These people don’t know how to win, and when they can’t and don’t win, they attack people who see some positive outcome in defeating the Hillary Crime Family.

Everything Vito Corleone wanted for his son Michael, Hillary will bring to the White House. She’ll have the media on her side, the DOJ, the FBI, and corruption far beyond anything we’ve seen. She knows as President there won’t anything she won’t be able to get away with since her criminal activities have been dismissed by the highest investigative authorities in our nation.

These are things Mafia Dons only dream of being able to do. Watch The Godfather and think Clinton Crime Family.

 … What did Don Corleone want for his son Michael?
“I always thought that when it was your time, that you would be the one to hold the strings. Senator Corleone, Governor Corleone, something.”
Enter Hillary Clinton. She is the embodiment of what bought-and-paid-for corruption is all about.

In addition to politicians, the Godfather had influence with people in the press, police department, courts, and from many other walks of life, all of whom were in his debt. The same is true of Hillary, but on a much more massive scale that is international in scope.

Democratic pollster and analyst Pat Caddell had this to say about what a President Hillary Clinton will mean:
“We’re talking about institutionalizing corruption in a way that is like a third-world Banana Republic if she’s elected. . . . And that is not being presented to the American people, who are quite concerned about corruption.” (H/T: Breitbart)
As I’ve mentioned in various places, Donald Trump can’t bring any of what Hillary will bring to the presidency. Will he satisfy everyone? No. Will I be happy with all of his policies? No. Most likely he will have a greater difficulty getting his policies through an oppositional Congress than Hillary will.

The media and the Democrats (and not a few Republicans) are salivating over a Hillary win. They like the system as it is. This should be a warning sign to the NeverTrumpers.

The NeverTrumpers are falling for the trap set by the worst elements in our nation

 … What do these leftist NeverTrumpers see that conservative NeverTrumpers don’t see? The Democrats see an expansion of everything Obama has put into place and the GOP Establishment sees Donald Trump as Wreck it Trump who might bring down their teetering edifice of political game-playing and all the perks that go with it at our expense.