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‘‘A dynamite bomb” in France's Capital! But what in the world can anyone want to throw a bomb in Paris for?

‘‘A dynamite bomb, and exploded by the Anarchists! ” Such was the cry which flew round Paris at an early hour yesterday morning [May 1, 1891] over telegraph and telephone wire.

This was a rude awakening, a sensational opening to the day of the year which the Anarchists, Nihilists, and Revolutionists claim specially as their own. At first the report received little credence. The Parisian can understand dynamite bombs being thrown in any other city but Paris. 

But what in the world can anyone want to throw a bomb in Paris for? Nevertheless, the story is perfectly true. And the facts are as follows: Yesterday morning, at four o’clock, a dynamite bomb was placed, by some person unknown, in the recess of one of the windows of the hotel of the Marquis de Trévise, 2 rue de Berri. 

The house is a magnificent block forming the corner of the Champs-Elysées, on your right hand as you enter the rue de Berri. The explosion struck terror into the hearts of the inmates of the surrounding dwellings. The people flew out of the doors, some in their nightshirts, and the girls in the laundry opposite were nearly terrified out of their wits.
— In Our Pages, 125 Years Ago
The New York Herald, European Edition, May 2, 1891