Monday, March 07, 2016

Prodded by No Pasarán, Ted Cruz Adds Infamous Jimmy Carter Quote to CPAC Speech

At CPAC, Ted Cruz held a rousing speech (that might be your No Pasarán correspondant whooping at, among — many — other times, 39:33 and 39:45) before being joined by Sean Hannity for a question-and-answer session.

About a minute after the Texas senator says (at 31:27) "I'll actually say a sentence that I suspect has never before been said at CPAC", your correspondent can be seen (in a tieless white shirt) in the third row towards the left of the screen (as well as at 3:03, 3:50, and 40:25).

Immediately afterwards, when Cruz answers the Fox News reporter's question about the dire economic conditions facing the American people — "stagnation … misery … drowning in student loans with no hope of a good job" — your correspondent is the one adding Jimmy Carter's "malaise" to the list, immediately repeated by Ted Cruz (and earning a thumbs up from Sean Hannity) who proceeds to bring up the "accomplishments" of America's 39th president.

Enough of that; now watch the speech…