Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Interview with the Arizona Military Wife Who Is Running Against John McCain

In Arizona, John McCain is up for a challenge in the coming election to the U.S. Senate. By a military wife no less, one who describes herself as
a mom of three awesome kids … a family physician by trade … and … a former Arizona state senator.
During the CPAC weeekend, Dr. Kelli Ward was interviewed by Benny Huang:
HUANG: So … what motivated you to run against John McCain?
WARD: Well, lots of things. You know, I think that thirty years in Washington is way too long for anybody. I’m a supporter of term limits and, I have pledged myself that I wouldn’t stay more than two terms. Twelve years is a long time in Washington, DC. It’s a enough time to get some things accomplished, get some things started and then be ready to pass the torch on to the next generation of people who are studying and learning right now, who will have the abilities and the stamina and the energy necessary to continue our path, you know, our country on the right path. 
I am a proponent of small government and low taxes and low regulations, much less regulations, a strong military, personal responsibility and the Constitution. And what I’ve seen from John McCain, especially over the last several years is that he’s a big-government, big-spending Republican  who doesn’t listen to his constituents, who has lost … the ability to remember who he works for.
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