Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Thanks to Obama's 7 Years of Peaceful Outlook on the World, a "New Cold War" with U.S. Army and NATO Forced to Enhance Military Presence in Europe

Shouldn't we all pause and say a prayer of gratitude to the Nobel Peace Prize-winning apologizer-in-chief for the smart diplomacy that is making the world more safe and more peaceful?

Russia's prime minister seems to be especially grateful — accusing as Dmitry Medvedev is the United States of rekindling a new Cold War — as should be the members of the U.S. Army as it pivots back to Europe (thanks to Instapundit's Stephen Green).

The New York Times' Michael S. Schmidt:
The defense ministers from all 28 NATO countries approved a plan on Wednesday to enhance the alliance’s military presence in Central and Eastern Europe, part of its expanding efforts to deter Russian aggression, according to NATO’s secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg.

 … Among the countries that NATO and the United States are looking to protect are Hungary, Romania, Ukraine and the Baltic States, according to administration officials.

The size of the American contribution surprised some analysts, who saw it as one of the most aggressive moves the United States has made in the region since the fall of the Soviet Union. Administration officials have said they hope that their commitment to protecting these countries sends a message to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia that his aggression in the region will no longer be tolerated.
Update: none of John Schindler's recommendations on how to prevent Cold War 2.0 from going hot were implemented by the Obama administration
Prime Minister [Dmitri] Medvedev then echoed [foreign minister Sergei] Lavrov’s alarming statement by warning of “a new world war” in an interview with a German newspaper. The Kremlin promptly objected and released a Russian-language version of the interview that included the gentler phrase “another war on earth.” This appears to be a trademark Moscow provocation since the German-language interview unmistakably says “a new world war” (einen neuen Weltkrieg). Releasing different translations of key statements is an old KGB trick that Mr. Putin’s regime has played on the West more than once, but here they are truly playing with fire.
Spasibo, Tovarich Barack Hussein.