Monday, July 06, 2015

How the "Big Tent" Scams Work: If you open the door a crack, the RINO barges in and puts her feet up on the coffee table

Meghan McCain greeted last month’s same-sex marriage ruling with all the class we have come to expect from her
notes Benny Huang,
which is to say, none at all. “Also, Republicans. #Lovewins,” she tweeted. “This is the future and everybody better now get in line.”

Yes, “get in line.” You will recognize same-sex marriages and you will like it. This one is settled, so shut up.

Is it obvious now that “big tent” philosophy that Meghan McCain advocates for the Republican Party is a sham? What she wants is a tent that’s big enough for her but not big enough for you. She wants to talk endlessly about social issues but to shush you if you happen to disagree. “For the last four years, I’ve been calling for Republicans to stop concentrating on social issues,” she wrote after the 2012 election. And for those same four years she talked of nothing but social issues and why her party is wrong about them. She doesn’t want anyone to apply “purity tests” to candidates, while reserving the right to apply her own. The most important issue in McCain’s purity test is “marriage equality.” It’s the only thing she seems to care about. In 2012, she even threatened to leave the GOP if the party didn’t change its tune on that issue. Sounds like a purity test to me, and one based on a social issue to boot.

This is how “big tent” scams always work. First, the liberal Republican knocks at the door and asks nicely to be let in. She appeals to your better instincts—can’t you make a little room for divergent viewpoints? If you open the door a crack, she barges in and puts her feet up on the coffee table. Before you know it, you’re out in the cold begging her to let you in.

And she will deny you. Because you’re an insufferable bigot, that’s why.

In all of Meghan McCain’s years in the public spotlight, I have never once heard her say anything the least bit conservative, with the exception of a few completely disingenuous statements she regurgitated to establish her conservative credentials just before delivering a left-wing rant.

 … McCain’s going to “modernize” the rest of us, whether we like it or not, mostly by demanding that we modify our stances on social issues. It’s for our own good. 

 … Meghan McCain may be a Republican but that’s only a party affiliation and doesn’t mean much. She is not however, a conservative, and no amount of forcing a square peg into a round hole will change that. She’s a professional “seminar caller.” A seminar caller, for those not familiar with the term, is a person who calls into (usually conservative) radio talk shows claiming to share the host’s political convictions but who feels compelled to disagree on this or that point. Often, seminar callers try to appropriate their opponents’ vocabulary. A seminar caller might, for example, claim to oppose lifting a finger to enforce our immigration laws because enforcement costs too much. The seminar caller’s opposition is supposedly grounded in fiscal conservatism, which forces the host to sound like a profligate spender and a hypocrite if he objects. The key to seminar calling is always to pretend to be an ally. It helps to begin every call with “I’m a lifelong Republican but…” 
Meghan McCain makes an excellent seminar caller because she really has been a Republican her entire adult life, if only because it’s something of a job requirement. Though not really a conservative, she plays one on TV. In October of 2010, McCain appeared on Rachel Maddow’s left-wing talk show and agreed with everything the host had to say. McCain, ever the one-trick pony, launched into her well-rehearsed monologue about how the GOP needs to become the Democrats’ doppelganger. Shockingly, Maddow agreed with her. Maddow apparently shared McCain’s concern for the long-term viability of the Republican Party. She’d really miss those evil Republicans if they went the way of the dodo.

 … How big of her. Rachel Maddow wants to have dialogue. She’s willing to host conservatives as long as they aren’t really conservative just as she is willing to give a forum to an opposing voice as long as it doesn’t oppose her. It’s a win-win. Rachel Maddow gets to pretend she’s open-minded enough to have a discussion with someone who disagrees with her while Meghan McCain gets to pretend she’s a conservative. Don’t believe her? Of course she is. That’s why Rachel Maddow invited her on the show!
At some point in Meghan McCain’s life, … she … saw an opportunity to remake the Republican Party into what she wants it to be—the Democratic Party.