Thursday, March 06, 2014

What Was the Name of the Senator Who Voted Against a Sterling Supreme Court Nominee in 2005?

In a move sure to rattle the legal community, a majority of senators voted Wednesday to block the confirmation of a respected civil rights lawyer to a top Justice Department spot because he helped get a convicted murderer off death row
writes the Huffington Post's Ryan J. Reilly in a highly-partisan piece.

A lot of leftists seem to forget that when John Roberts was selected for the Supreme Court, one senator said (in so many words) that he did indeed have a sterling record, but that he would vote against him because of Roberts's convictions (nothing to do with the John Errol Ferguson case, which the senator would probably approve of).

The senator's name? Barack Obama.

(I now expect a myriad of comments from leftists saying "Oh, but that is not the same thing — not at all!")

 Republicans vote against Debo Adegbile because he is one more activist who not only wants to defend the but also wants to use the law apparatus against everyday honest American citizens — citizens of whatever race.

Update: The Justice Nominee and The Cop Killer:
Debo Adegbile's disturbing support for Mumia Abu-Jamal should disqualify him