Friday, November 07, 2014

Obama "is destroying this country and it’s what he intended to do"; More Hatred From Racist Americans Who — Wait a Minute!

The frustration with the the leftist Democrats who support Barack Obama's agenda, notes Christopher Agee,
was on full display when a self-described “82-year-old black senior citizen grandmother” named Joyce called C-SPAN to explain why she voted for the Republican candidate in every race on the ballot this cycle.

“I voted straight Republican because I have noticed for years what the Democrat Party has done to my people,” she said. “Unemployment is higher in the black community that it is — double with unemployment than it is anywhere else.”

 … Clarifying that she supports government assistance for those truly unable to provide for themselves, she noting that “with so many getting help that doesn’t need help, it prevents the people that really need help from getting it.”

 … Before wrapping up her remarks, the octogenarian set her sights on those who allege any criticism of Barack Obama is rooted in racism.

“We need to stop that foolishness,” she said. “This man is destroying this country and it’s what he intended to do. He said he would transform America and that’s what he’s doing.”
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