Sunday, February 16, 2014

French Conservatives Revolt Over School Books Such As "Daddy Wears a Dress"

The latest scandal in France concerns the ubiquitousness in schools of "children's" books with titles such as Tous à poil ! (Everybody Drop Your Clothes), Papa porte une robe (Daddy Wears a Dress), Tango a deux papas (Tango Has Two Dads), and Jean a deux mamans (Johnny Has Two Mommies) — a subject which leftist Le Monde  dismisses as "not very subversive" and which allows for a cartoon by an outraged cartoonist (Xavier Gorce), while Plantu uses the subject to bring in the current criticisms of the tax authorities. 

Gaël Pasquier is interviewed by Mattea Battaglia concerning a thesis on teaching kindergarten kids about "the equality of sexes and sexualities" (« Les pratiques enseignantes en faveur de l'égalité des sexes et des sexualités à l'école primaire : vers un nouvel élément du curriculum »).