Thursday, August 15, 2013

U.S. President Depicted Year After Year as a Chimp, Sometimes Retarded, Sometimes Evil, But Always Sub-Human with Hairy Paws and Tactile Feet

writes Instapundit — with a touch of facetiousness —
Shock: Satirist Depicts the President as a Monkey.
At the link, Bryan Preston proceeds to show which commander-in-chief was lampooned as a monkey — not Barack Obama but Abraham Lincoln (150 years ago). Not Barack Obama but George W Bush (five to 13 years ago).

No Pasarán would know something about depictions of a US president as monkey; over three to four years, NP blogger N-Joe accumulated quite a collection of cartoons from the pen of The Guardian's Steve Bell who did nothing but depict George W Bush as a chimpanzee (or as three or as four chimpanzees), sometimes retarded, sometimes evil (while managing to also mock the Twin Towers, see below), but always sub-human, often with
hairy paws and with hand-like feet, and sometimes quite literally as a chimp or a monkey.

Sample NP post on what Joe called the "throwback propaganda artist":
Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell when not abnormally obsessed with drawing farts, always characterizes President Bush as some sort of sub-human. No matter what the situation, he is cast in the light of a sort of animal without thought or feeling. It isnt even editorializing, its nothing more than hate-baiting of the oldest, most sordid, and pedantic sort.

Unfortunately, although Joe's texts remain, the hyperlinks on the NP posts from 2005 to 2008 are out of date and the cartoons that he linked to are no longer visible. But an idea of Dubya's face, with its elongated monkey mouth, can be seen in Bell's recent cartoon of the opening of the Bush Presidential Library. In any case, Bell's Iraq cartoons and his Dubya cartoons can easily be found through through Google Images
While we're on the subject of the Guardian's Steve Bell, we might as well link to his charming cartoons on the death of Margaret Thatcher. (Oh, but it's all right to demonize a woman when it's one of a conservative bent!)
Incidentally, Steve Bell explained the reason for drawing Dubya as a chimp to the Liverpool Daily Post's Laura Davis:

The only reason George Bush as a monkey worked was because he actually looked like a monkey.
I wonder if it occurs to any leftists that just about any human can be said to "actually" look like a monkey, and that no matter what race they are…
If you feel so inclined, you can hear Steve Bell discussing his caricatures of US presidents from Reagan to Obama at this link… 

As can be seen in this post's very first cartoon, as well as in the one directly below, bathroom humor, from farts to feces through unbelted pants and toilet paper, is generously laden throughout Bell's pieces of work… (Needless to say, depicting the UN banner as TP is not criticism of the United Nations per se, but of the "disgusting" way that Bushchimp allegedly views the international organization and its ineffectiveness in opposing big bad America…)