Friday, August 23, 2013

There is nothing to suggest that George Zimmerman is racist; besides, he registered as a Democrat in 2002 and has black relatives and friends

Readers of the Economist push back against the "newspaper's" leftist leanings and narrative:
A controversial case

SIR – The most important circumstance of Trayvon Martin’s death was buried in your article assessing the reaction to the verdict in his shooting: he assaulted George Zimmerman (“Trayvon’s legacy”, July 20th). This is not merely what Mr Zimmerman “maintained” as you eventually and sceptically admitted, but is a consistent account that was verified in part by eyewitnesses, confirmed by the available forensic evidence and believed by both the investigating police and the jury.
Instead, you poured oil on the fire by saying Mr Zimmerman “stalked” Mr Martin. Rather, Mr Zimmerman followed Mr Martin, which he had every right to do.
Roger Chapman Burk, Alexandria, Virginia  

SIR – Legal experts had been predicting a not-guilty verdict in the Zimmerman case for months; it is hard to see how the jury could have concluded otherwise given that the evidence points to him acting in self defence. There is also nothing to suggest that he is racist. He registered as a Democrat in Florida in 2002 and has black relatives and friends, according to his family. Mr Zimmerman was certainly overzealous in trailing Mr Martin, but would he have also tracked a white kid who was a stranger in his burglary-plagued neighbourhood? Perhaps.
It is unfortunate to see the race card being played in this tragic case. Mr Martin’s death was defined as “racial” from the outset, even when facts emerged that suggested a more complicated story.
Richard Robinson, Chicago