Monday, February 04, 2013

No One Is Allowed To Doubt Barack Obama's put-me-(or-keep-me-)in-the-White-House-and-everybody-will-love-us Foreign Policy

"Hillary walked out of that hearing with Johnson's nuts in her briefcase.
Kerry chopped off his wienie the following day." 
That's the type of comment one could read on Huffington Post after Hillary Clinton's "What difference it make outburst, and which led me to reply thusly.
Are you #$^&@# kidding me?!?!

Reading liberal comments is mind-boggling.

What is it that we are being taught in American schools nowadays?!

Is political science 101 totally out the window, in favor of
"Compassionate Democrats, good; treacherous Republicans, bad"?!
"Whatever a Republican administration says must be mocked and opposed;
whatever a Democrat administration says must be taken at face value and never doubted"?!

Four Americans were killed — in the pursuance of their duty of implementing Barack Obama's put-(or-keep-)me-in-the-White-House-and-everybody-will-love-us foreign policy — and the only thing that people are concerned with, indeed obsessed with, is a Democrat in power taking on (and allegedly winning over) a Republican in opposition?!

You are not allowed —NOONE is allowed (how DARE they?!)— to put the word of Barack Obama in doubt or question the least of his policies, foreign, economic, or other.

Not least the mainstream media — thanks (sic) for quoting Soledad O'Brien, who was outraged about Ron Johnson's treatment of Hillary Clinton (how DARE he?!) but who has not seen it fit to question her, Obama, or anyone else about the Benghazi incident and that, for the past three months (unless it was of course to take the administration's excuses at face value).
I had more concerning the double standards involved:
You are not allowed — NOONE is allowed (how DARE they?!) — to put the word of Barack Obama in doubt or question the least of his policies, foreign, economic, or other.

Few seem even interested, intellectually speaking, of learning what happened that night:
the White House says there's nothing to talk about, so — since it is in Democrat hands — let's drop the matter…

How about playing the What If It Were Bush game?
What if the Benghazi incident, or something similar, had happened while Dubya was in the Oval Office?
What if Condi Rice had been the Secretary of State getting emotional, lashing out at entirely normal lines of reasoning from a senator (of whichever party), and shouting "What difference … does it make?!"
What if the media refused to press the case, especially in the days before the election?

Liberals are supposed to be smarter, more neutral, and more objective than those perfidious, clueless conservatives…

How about setting a standard, then?!
A standard that stays clear of… double standards?!