Friday, February 08, 2013

GUNSHOTS VIDEO: Obama, he goes a-shootin' all da time

Now, when the White House says "you shan't Photoshop President Shotgun", you obey, right? 
asks The Dissident Frogman.

And you make a video instead.

Complete with compositing, motion tracking and synthetic voice-acting. And guns firing, and explosions. And little birds singing too.
Go to DF's website to see the video.
In what is probably his most laughable feat of demagoguery to date, President BHO tried to control the damage he'd done running his big mouth with the release of a photo you're supposed to accept as a proof that he "goes shooting all the time"—and therefore it's perfectly OK if he decides to rule out the American people's natural right to do so.

At least that's out it looks like, seen from here.

The White House warned that this picture shall not be manipulated in any way (insecure much Barry?), and that's fine by me. Photoshopping news items is so Hezbollah '06. Every blogger and their dogs do it theses days.

Better go for video compositing, complete with music, and sounds, and explosions and little birds, and funny synthetic voice acting. The works.