Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"You're just a gullible fool!" Conrad Black Gives Us a Lesson on How a Conservative Should Interact with the MSM

Love him or hate him, Conrad Black gives us — as well as Newsnight's Jeremy Paxman — a lesson on how a conservative, or how any person, really, should interact with members of the mainstream media (quotes appear in order of — shall we say? — potency and not in the order they were delivered).

• Let me tell you something!
• Oh God! I am going to throw up!
• Will you stop this bourgeois priggishness?!
• That is what you are waxing so sanctimonious about!
• You're a fool! You're just a gullible fool! You're a priggish, gullible, British, fool!
• If I were you, I'd be careful of being a gullible rubber stamp to that crooked […] system
• I am proud of […] actually being able to endure a discussion like this without getting up and smashing your face in — which is what most people would do!
Conrad Black, once one of the most powerful men in the media, has been talking to the BBC's Newsnight following his release from a Miami prison in May. Having served just over three years for defrauding investors, he told interviewer Jeremy Paxman he was "proud" of the way he had handled his trial and imprisonment.
Update: Cheers to Instapundit for the link, mate!

By all means (as Jason notes), do not just read the quotes above, but watch — and listen to — the video!