Monday, October 22, 2012

Live-Blogging the Foreign Policy Debate

Conclusion: Mitt got some good stuff in,
but I wish he had done more…

10:33 the torch of freedom, the hope of the Earth

10:30 Mention the microphone episode, Mitt!

10:28 Schieffer seems to have let the debate take off without his interference

"I certainly don't want to go back to the policies of the past four years" !

Romney: "It's someone else's"
= Obama's "someone else built that"
Sorry it was lost under the brouhaha

10:25 Laughing Barry

10:24 Smiling Barry

10:21 Obama is tweaking Romney's nose

10:18 Shieffer tried to mark a point for Obama,
but Romney handled it masterfully 

10:17 Wish Romney's staff had read the Instapundit post
concerning the three points he needed to make…

10:16 Now Obama is marking points, doing the economic stuff…

10:15 Romney has come out with some good zingers,
but still he could do more

10:13 Obama wants "a free market system"?!
How about one for the United States?…

10:09 Did Schieffer just say "Obama Bin Laden"?

10:02 Romney: Bring up the fact
that Obama held a speech the very same day,
before the papers found in Bin Laden's home
could be studied and acted upon

9:59 Romney jumping in,
taking over from MSM member Schieffer;
"I see our influence receding…
in part… in part…"

9:58 Obama is still not looking Romney in the eyes…

9:57 "By the way, you skipped Israel"
"By the way, they noticed you skipped Israel"

9:55 …except you didn't do anything about it…

9:53 "every fact-checker, journalist has said it's not true"
Is that your only reply to apology tour?!

9:52 Finally! Chávez, Kim Jong Il, Castro, Iran, apology tour

9:48 "I will not only stand culturally with Israel, but also militarily"
— made same notice as that in my 9:44 comment

9:47 Romney "When I am President of the United States"!!

9:46 Hope Romney will mention Obama's leaking of secrets

9:44 "America will stand with Israel"
does not — necessarily — mean the U.S. military will intervene

9:43 "horses and bayonets"? lame

9:39 Wish Romney would say, simply:
the military is the department of the federal government,
and a health system — and education — are the department of the individual state

9:38 Now Bob Schieffer is interrupting

9:38 "You got that fact wrong"

9:37 Barack O Interruption; Tch tch…

9:30 Hmm… Both men seem less aggressive than during the second speech

9:28 Good; Romney speech taking in the economy

9:25 I hope Romney compares Obama's Egypt to Carter's Iran

9:16 Whenever Obama talks about "nation-building" at home,
Romney needs to point out that nation-building means government intervention,
and that Americans do not need nation-building, 
they need for government to stop interfering and setting up obstacles
(not foreign policy — I know)

9:15 Good Obama point on Israel (although hardly true)

9:13 not "flexibility" with Russia — "more backbone"
But Romney needs to point out that this was said in secret, 
behind the backs of the American people!!

9:12 "Attacking me is not an agenda" Bingo!

9:10 "all over the map"
Obama is doing pretty good, so far
— let's wait for Romney's rebuttal

9:09 "We don't want another Iraq, We don't want another Afghanistan"
Good quip by Romney

9:08 Obama is starting out pretty well, I hate to say

9:06 "Al Qaeda's core leadership has been decimated" Core?!

9:05 PM "I congratulate the president on killing Osama Bin Laden" Good
+ "We can't kill our way of this mess"

No Pasarán will be blogging the third presidential debate in this space (starting at 3 in the morning Paris time)…