Friday, October 12, 2012

Blogging the VP Debate

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• Going to bed — it's 5 AM here in Paris…

• Incredible — Biden "shouldn't laugh at Ryan's flim-flam" acknowledges
Andrew Sullivan (but only once, as far as I can see)
who goes on to claim that "this was a solid win for Biden" (?!)
and that "The star" of the debate was… Raddatz (!?)

• Nice touch: "We will not blame" the Obama administration the way
the Obama administration has been blaming the previous administration
(that of George W Bush) for four years

• "And I want to thank you, Joe" — priceless

• "you probably detected my frustration" (you don't say, Joe?!)

• Another silly (final) question

• Ryan: "that's what we get in this administration — speeches!" Not policies…

• Good, Ryan — quoting Obama 2008 again

• Ryan slowly (and discretely) shaking his head at Biden's abortion comments…

• Sarah Hoyt
"ED — AT ACE THEY SAY BOTH THE MODERATOR AND BIDEN ARE YELLING AT RYAN: Is this working for ANYONE?  Is it only to our partisan lens that this sounds like bullying?" …

• What must Andrew Sullivan be thinking?!

Treating war like a sports event.
Biden's "We will be out in 2014" = the game will be over
(and our team will have won) by 5 pm tonight

• Biden, again: "my friend"
I've seen this in France when leaders say "our American friends"
"my friend" = "my clueless friend who isn't as wise as I am"
("our American friends" = "our clueless American friends who aren't as wise as we are")

• Does anyone think that Joe Biden is presidential material?
(Or even vice-presidential material)?

• When Ryan wants to reply, Martha Raddatz (again) goes "I'd like to move on"

• Instapundit :
WHAT [Glenn Reynolds is] GETTING FROM ALL [his] FRIENDS: Biden is either acting like the village idiot or a bar heckler.  Is this playing well to anyone?  And the moderator… seems to be immoderately biased.  …

• "no specifics" claims Martha Raddatz
— Democratic talking points

• I can't believe it — Ryan is speaking,
and noone is interrupting him

• The Martha Raddatz interruptions are even
more irritating than Joe Biden's — interrupting
Ryan much more often than the VP, if I'm not mistaken

• Honestly, guys — honestly!
Does anyone in the liberal camp really think that Biden is winning?!

• Ryan quoting Obama — priceless 

• Biden won't let any opinion but his own to be mentioned
— a true liberal!
Poor White House (sigh)

• Ryan: Quit interrupting!

• "Follow your instincts, folks"
I concur with VP Joseph Biden.

• Now it's Sarah Palin who is brought up
(head shaking in disbelief)

• Didn't anyone in the WH tell Biden to hold back on his laughter?!
And not show scorn for his opponent?!

• Biden: It's Bush's fault

• Biden is reminding me of my worst teachers, in both school and college,
who would ask students (his inferiors) to share, and would then mock
their sharing if they didn't agree with their own higher-than-thou opinions
— I mean, their divine knowledge

• Excellent zinger on Biden

• Translation of Biden's attitude: "No argument but mine is worth anything!"

• Obama appeared like a distant professor;
Biden appears like a sneering professor mocking his freshmen and sophomores

• "Oh, gosh!" says Biden, laughing
hasn't the Obama White House learned anything from the first Obama-Romney debate?!

• Martha Raddatz seems to think she is more willing
to get to the bottom of the issues than anyone else…

• Debate moderator seems neutral enough (so far) but
more interested in her own questions than in the answers of either candidate…

• "Let's look at this from the point of view of the Ayatollahs"
says Ryan while Biden flashes his huge grin


• Huge smile over Biden's face again
while speaking about… Iran's weapons;
then outburst of laughter

• Does Biden not know he is on a split screen?!

• Who's the liar?!
"We were not told they wanted more security" (Biden)

• "This [Obama] is the guy who has repaired our alliances" (BIden)
Like with Poland's Walesa? And Tibet's Dalai Lama
(Barack Obama's fellow peace prize recipients)?

BIDEN SMILING?!?! Is Biden's smile going to go over better than Obama's sneer? (I doubt it!)

• Outstanding — Ryan mentioning that even the ambassador in Paris has a marine detachment, but not the one in Libya?!

• Biden starts on the subject of Libya, changing the subject…

 • Detail: Sitting down? People speak more easily standing up…

No Pasarán will be blogging the vice-presidential debate in this spot (starting at 3 AM in the morning Paris time)…