Friday, August 31, 2012

The Le Monde Reader Who Uses Catty Caricature "United Stateser" Is Published 3 Times in 2 Weeks

Two weeks ago, Le Monde Watch revealed a Le Monde reader who, because of his haughtiness towards the United States and its people, had two letters published in the space of three days!

Two weeks later, believe it or not, Le Monde publishes a third letter to the editor of André Fromon's! Yet another letter which — on s'en doute — uses the catty expression United Statesers.

Actually, it turns out, André Fromon has been published no less than six times since the beginning of summer (and nine times since last year)! (Not all of which concern America, as it happens…)

By contrast, when I asked a colleague at the International Herald Tribune (an American newspaper, oui, but published in Paris) what was their policy regarding letters to the editor, I was told that they tried to avoid publishing any given reader more than twice in three months…

Mais bon : André Fromon (who called Jean-Luc Mélenchon a courageous, brave, and elegant leader) is hostile to the Anglo-Saxons and speaks of United Stateser citizens, so what can one say; it's entirely normal for Le Monde to give him so much space…

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