Tuesday, June 12, 2012


It always turns out this way: we had to listen to Socialist sock-puppets tell us that M. Hollande was a mild mannered “normal” guy, surrounded by other mild mannered “normal” people (like his S&M-esque punishment-fixated economic-deus-ex-machina labor minister), and so on, and so forth.
Francois Hollande, the man who wants to be France's "Mr Normal" president, has stopped going to work by scooter but tells voters he will still take the train and do the family shopping once elected - at least, he jokes, "if the fridge is empty".
This HAD to be done to heal the earth and save the world fromM. Le Président Bling-Bling, Nicolas Sarkozy, who in their view was Fiddy and Snoop-Dogg incarnate, despite his socially regretable palorous hide.

Further, his main squeeze, not the very Ségolène Royal, without who the world wouldn’t have 4 little Hollandes, Valérie Trierweiler was said to be shy, retiring in her not having been elected, and “normal”.
His partner Valerie Trierweiler also wants to stick to a simple life. She relishes the already too-rare moments when the two share dinner on the sofa in front of the television, even if, she says, he tends to use too much butter in his cooking.

She says she will happily play "second fiddle as first lady" but she wants to remain a working mum, in part to pay for the upkeep of three teenage sons that the twice-divorced journalist had before moving in with Hollande
Again, lots of domestic imagery there that you know neither of them are really capable of.

So what does one get from what we are supposed to comfortably accept as a ‘comfort womantypical to French politics? One we are supposed to be proud of in their coat-tail riding capacity? Lucy once again pulls back the football, and we have Socialists as they really are: catty, infantile, and barely smart enough to be self-absorbed.
Ségolène Royal, former partner to French President Francois Hollande, has been attacked by his new companion Valérie Trierweiler (pictured) who has tweeted her support for Royal’s opponent in Sunday’s parliamentary elections.

French President François Hollande’s girlfriend Valérie Trierweiler announced her support for a political opponent of his ex-partner Ségolène Royal on Tuesday, a move that will embarrass Royal as her political career hangs in the balance.
In a tweet, Trierweiler praised Olivier Falorni, who is running against Royal for the La Rochelle constituency in Sunday’s second round of the parliamentary elections.

“Good luck to Olivier Falorni who is a worthy candidate,” the Paris Match journalist wrote. “For years he has been fighting with selfless commitment for the people of La Rochelle.”
Remember: they’re ”normal”. You’re supposed to find this behavior “normal”.