Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Further to Pointless Devotions

Some of which live in a past held in some sentimental regard by people who can’t count past 21. This is particularly true of European Syndicalists and Socialists, such as propping up dead industries to pay back those who voted for you, such as steelmaking for that old-fashioned “butch men in cloth caps” feeling of haing a “Great Leap Forward”. They include ideas to make them sound modern like looking serious about the economy by starting a new ministry, such as a ministre du Redressement productif, which translated roughly as ”Ministry of Production Recovery”.

Not only is the idea that the government can spoonfeed prosperity to a thankful lumpenproletariat idiotic and impossible, but the name of this new little sub-empire makes no sense in any language.

This doesn’t seem to bother people who want to look like they are doing something, especially what they really don’t have anything in their ideological toolbox that will work.